Copy Writing

Professional writing services for every occasion

Every time a business communicates with others it’s an opportunity to impress potential customers. Just as the appearance of that communication is important in attracting attention and making an impression, so too are the words we use to convey the message. At CQ inSight, we work to ensure your marketing and promotional material is effective in every way. For this reason, we provide professional copy writing services to help your business make a great impression and convey its message effectively.

  • Editing – reviewing and refining your existing copy
  • Proofing – carefully checking  your existing copy for typographical, grammatical and factual errors and correcting as required
  • Writing – interviewing you to form dot-points outlining what you want to say, then writing professional copy to achieve your goals
  • Advertising – writing convincing sales copy to motivate people to buy your product or use your service
  • Promotion – writing to raise awareness of your business through brochures, catalogues, media releases and more
  • Press Release – preparing press releases and distributing to media outlets for publication
“Thanks for the press releases you’ve written for our group. You take our rough thoughts and ideas and turn them into convincing news articles, and they’re so good, they get published every time. With your help, we are achieving great results and making a positive difference to the cause.”
S Jones – Wildlife Rockhampton Rescue Rehabilitation Release Inc