I recently had the pleasure of participating in a school art camp on North Keppel Island. My role was Artist in Residence, and I was asked to assign the students a sunrise activity surrounding a (very) early morning hike across the island.

Their task was to record the journey in photographs and, on return, combine a range of their photos into one creative Photoshop image that makes a statement about their experience. Partly to show the students an example and that I was participating too, and partly because I just love this type of work, I decided to create one too.

Take a look at the image and consider it’s meaning:

This image represents our journey from night into day. The students are travelling out of the darkness towards the sunrise, which has obvious literal, but also metaphoric, meaning – the strain of the long hike through the dark hills was rewarded with the rejuvenating moment when the sun peaked over the horizon. The hike was about much more than just that moment for me though, so I have incorporated several other photos in an effort to do justice to the full range of landscapes, emotions and experiences we had on that morning. Lastly, the page curls have been used to represent the many layers of the experience and to remind us this is just a Photoshop creation of one person’s interpretation of a shared experience.

The image contains 8 different photos, many layer masks, filters and effects, and took just under 2 hours to create.