WRITTEN BY Mike Knowling
PUBLISHED IN The Morning Bulletin – June 1, 2013

THE ability to create top-quality products for international markets is not restricted to big companies in big cities, as a Capricorn Coast-based small business has just dramatically demonstrated.

CQ inSight, a graphic design, Adobe training and photo enhancement business at Yeppoon, has played a central role in creation and design of the 274-page illustrated autobiography entitled Heart of a Lion: The Life and Times of Lisbon Lion William Wallace, published in the United Kingdom at the weekend.

CQ inSight principal Julie Robertson created the jacket design for the hardback volume, while business partner Mike Knowling edited the book’s text, which includes a foreword by singer and entertainer Rod Stewart. Mike is also a sub-editor with APN News and Media, working at The Morning Bulletin office.

The book has been a true international collaboration, using the latest technology to overcome the tyranny of distance, and was required to be produced to exacting standards.

It tells the story of Willie Wallace, one of the ”Lisbon Lions”, the famous Glasgow Celtic football team that, on May 25, 1967, became the first British team to win the European Cup by defeating Inter Milan in the final in Lisbon, Portugal.

With hundreds of thousands of Celtic supporters registered in fan groups in the UK, North America, Asia, South Africa and Australasia, the book is expected to be a best-seller among soccer fans around the world.

“Our involvement in this major project shows high quality doesn’t have to come from the cities,” Julie said.

“These days, with the right technology, knowledge and expertise, regional centres are equally as capable of producing top-grade products and services – and that’s what CQ inSight does in Yeppoon.”

Since bringing full-service graphic design and training services to the Capricorn Coast at the start of the year, CQ inSight has designed logos and various promotional materials for businesses in Yeppoon, Rockhampton, Alpha, Far North Queensland, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Washington DC and now the United Kingdom.

“And we put the maximum effort into ensuring all clients – small, big, local or international – receive the same amount of care, concern and creativity and go away having enjoyed the experience of having chosen us to do their work,” Julie said.

“This book is also evidence of how well Mike and I, as CQ inSight partners, work as a team.

“Mike is a wordsmith, bringing clarity and a careful choice of words to whatever story is being told,” she said.

“While Julie is a remarkably inventive and talented designer,” Mike said.

“She can give a striking presence to whatever product she’s working on, no matter if it’s traditional, modern, futuristic, simple or elaborate.”

Mike said working on the book had been absolutely thrilling and to see it now in print was a very special feeling.

“Working on the text was a challenge but a rewarding one – and then when Rod Stewart came on board, well, what can you say?”

Since setting up six months ago, CQ inSight has begun making a mark on design and training in the Capricorn Coast region, as well as further afield.

“We feel proud when creating designs for local businesses, because the design becomes part of our own community.  It’s a different – but no less rewarding – thrill that comes from designing for businesses around the world,” Julie said.

“It’s been a real honour to contribute to the book, being a project with such international significance.

“I’m sure it’s a sign of great things to come for CQ inSight and our region,” she said.