Many Adobe users are currently asking if it’s worth upgrading to CS6. Any major software upgrade can be a costly process, so it’s worth considering the issue from all angles before taking the leap. The ultimate question is: is it worth it? Although there’s no simple answer to suit all readers, here are a few factors to take into account when making the decision.

Purchasing any software should be considered an investment, not an expense, so think about the potential return on your investment. Will you work more productively with the latest version? Will you be able to accomplish more? Will it benefit you to be seen keeping up with technology?

With Adobe’s new annual release schedule, there’s now only around 12 months between new versions. A major upgrade will be released every 2 years and a minor upgrade every other year, so keeping up with every version is impractical for most. When deciding whether to upgrade, keep in mind that CS6.5 is set for release mid-2013. Can you wait for the next release before upgrading?

Read up on the significant changes made in CS6 and determine if they’ll be beneficial to you. Many of the changes to InDesign CS6, for example, are targeted towards electronic publishing, so if you work predominantly in print design, you may not find it as beneficial as others. Log on to Adobe to learn about the changes made. Click here for ‘What’s new in InDesign CS6′.

Consider Adobe Creative Cloud before purchasing a traditional Creative Suite license. This is a relatively new service offered by Adobe allowing you to subscribe to the full range of applications for a single monthly fee, giving you ongoing access to the latest versions and upgrades. A subscription to the latest versions of every Adobe application is currently available for A$62.99 per month. Click here for ‘Adobe Creative Cloud overview’.

If you already own a commercial version of either CS5 or CS5.5, you may be eligible for a significantly reduced price on CS6. Current upgrade pricing could save you around $2000, so it’s worth checking if you’re eligible. Click here for Adobe’s ‘Upgrade eligibility FAQ’.

If you do decide to upgrade, shop around for the best price from a reliable reseller. There are many online and local retailers to choose from, so compare several before making your final choice. If you find an online reseller offering a mega-cheap deal though, check the Internet for reviews on the store before purchasing. Some deals that look too good to be true, actually are.